"Jairo Serrano has a nice, light and agile voice, perfectly suited to the songs by Marín... lending his performances a strong sense of authenticity. The instrumentalists do a great job, supporting the singer and emphasizing the rhythms. This disc is a valuable addition to recordings focusing on one of the most brilliant composers of tonos humanos [José Marín], a genre that rightly receives the attention it deserves."

Johan van Veen, Musica Dei Donum, The Netherlands, 2021

"The playing of Carlos Serrano and Leonardo Cabo forms an integral part of the large ensemble pieces, they really shine. The stereo sound with excellent presence of each voice and instrument is beautiful."

Tom Bickley, American Recorder, USA, 2020

"Five world premier pieces make of this CD ["Alado cisne de nieve"] an eminent release."

Scherzo, Spain, 2019

"An active rhythmic vitality characterizes all of the music on this disc. All musicians bring the music to life, leading the listener to desire to hear this ensemble in live performance. Excellent audio engineering. If you are drawn to this music, you will certainly enjoy Música Ficta's other CDs."

American Recorder, USA, 2018

"A delightful collection of mostly premiere performances. Clear sound, intimate feeling. This disc should open the ear to the heretofore unheard treasury of Baroque Spanish theater music. Highly recommended not only for something unusual, but also for an excellent performance that gives substance to this interesting repertory."

Fanfare, USA, 2018

" Jairo Serrano's attractive tenor voice is well suited to the repertoire with which he is obviously very familiar; his insight into the characteristic Spanish zarzuela style and clear diction makes for very enjoyable listening."

The Lute Society Magazine, England, 2017

"...passionate and lively performances can almost feel the physical presence of the performers in a natural-sounding ambience." (4.5 stars)

AllMusic, USA, 2017

"...a vitality and very obvious enthusiasm for everything that they perform... singing throughout was superb. I hope there will be further opportunities to hear the group perform this repertoire in the not-too-distant future."

Lute News, England, 2016

"I have followed Música Ficta for a number of years, and over the course of time they have lost none of their vitality and curiosity... energetic and eclectic performances, providing a wonderfully timely setting. Voices are pure and accurate. If you want something off the beaten path, this will be highly appealing to you. Highly recommended."

Fanfare, USA, 2016

"...refreshing and enjoyable, with excellent sound and performances in a great variety of music." (4 Stars)

Audiophile Audition, USA, 2011

"Fresh and vigorous performances. A unique blend of scholarship and performance."

The Recorder Magazine, UK, 2011

"This recording is among the best I have heard of this repertoire, and its inventiveness and vivacity is infectious."

American Record Guide, 2011

"Música Ficta sings and plays with infectious enthusiasm and flair.", USA, 2009

" Jairo Serrano's voice breathes life into everything he sings. The lively performances of the songs, dances, and other pieces make it easy for the listener to imagine musical life in a South American city 300 years ago. Música Ficta's performances of European music easily stand comparison with the finest early music ensembles, and the rough-hewn syncopated energy of the folk music of the New World is revelatory. Sound: 4.5 Stars. Performance: 4.5 Stars."

Stephen Eddins,, USA, 2007

"Música Ficta offers a fascinating perspective of this Apollenean-Dyonisian mixture of the Latin-American baroque, that musical apotheosis of feast and adoration in which it is difficult to distinguish adoration of the celestial from the terrestrial. For the listener, there are many discoveries; the repertoire offered could well have been searched for in vain, until now. Despite meticulous detail, the ensemble's performances avoid academic rigidity. There is good reason for this recording to be nominated for a prize. (5 stars *****)."

Erik Daumann, Klassik Magazin (, Germany, 2007

"A superb production... an extremely coherent and specialized ensemble... Vibrant presence and musical sensitivity. One of the best sounds heard among the vast number of recent productions. This CD definitely deserves a place of honor in the media library of the demanding audiophile and the respected enthusiast." Supersonic Pizzicato Award (5 stars *****)

Pizzicato Classics, Luxembourg, 2006

"A superb album... leaves me hankering for more. This is a first class production all around, one of the best I have heard this year, and is to be acquired with urgency." (5 stars *****)

Steven Ritter, Audiophile Audition, USA, 2006